**angrey at her.
and i love him.

his girlfriends in the dirt.

you said we'd never get this far
you said your words and i've played my part.
i think i've lost my senses in the drugs
so like you need to know
i really do love you.
when i'm sober ( i'm not all the time)
i think that your kindness needs to be rethought
thoughts of you fill my mind
drowning me.. all memories left behind

i loved him so much
i miss the touch he had on me
when i was gloomy.
his girlfriend now
all the things she says i think of as fouls.
she's so imature
and i hate her.
breaking them up
would be mean
but i love him.
i have for 3 months
its never been the same.
it sometimes seems like a little game
i like his smile
when i have to go it makes me wanna stay a while
he's everything i want
and everything i need
the only thing is
will he make my heart bleed.?
his girlfriend is in 7th grade
she has put me in a rage of anger
and self pitty.
for he was mine
before he was hers
and we were together
picture perfect.
she came in and tore it up.
i guess she had him at sup..
but omg- my life is horrible.
and needs to end.
this maybe the last message i will send.
its 12 at night
& i wanna fight
her to the ground.
face down.
she's in the dirt.

Poetry by Dahani
Read 246 times
Written on 2007-05-08 at 16:25

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ok so here's the update.

she broke up with him
and now i'm dating him..
haha to her.
she's still going down becuase
she told him yesterday she still
"loves" him.. but you know what?
cause we're perfect together..
we like the same stuff and everything
so yeah
he promised me we're staying together
he loves me and i love him/ thats how
the story goes..