Knowing thinking of me wasnt an option.

here i cry tonight
wondering why
i'm standing in the rain
with my heart bleeding from
all this pain.
i'm sitting here needing you.
i'm filled with thoughts of things
that we used to do.
the first time i met you i knew
that you were the one for me
if only you could see.
i loved the way you smile it makes
me laugh.
when i found out about her
it felt like a dart being pushed into my heart.
screaming and crying
feeling like i'm dieing
saying no..
your saying i cant go
i wanna run away
cuase now i feel like i cant
he was the reason i lived&
i took my breaths.
without hesatation he said yes,
to her.
without a doubt.
thinking of me wasnt an option.
that he would make
i think that i would take my life so he
could live
he should feel specail inside.
knowing i go to sleep everynight.
knowing i've cried for him.
i cant ..no i dont wanna live
to see his and her faces ever again.
i've gained nothing.
i've lost everything.
i've died so it feels like.

i've now lost what i want and what
i have.
i miss you and thats a fact.
we were together and happier than ever
until she came in and tore my heart all apart
and took you.
she's got some dues to pay.
she made the biggest mistake.
7th graders dont know everything
about love.
i think they need to learn.
not to take other peoples mans.

(no offense to any other 7th grader but herr. the one i'm talking about)

Poetry by Dahani
Read 265 times
Written on 2007-05-08 at 16:37

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