talkin to a good friend and she gave me the idea of this poem, we were talkin about love and music.....and i got this great idea of this poem!!! Thanks for helping me cindy!!!!!!!! (wee2souls)

Cant Live With Out It

Cant live with out it

Cant live with out love

Cant live with out music

You just cant do it

Love is life

Music is life

Music Tells you about life

Love Is in music,

Cant live with out it,

Theres no way you can,

Love is in life,

You may not think that all the time

You may not see it,

But it is,

Music is in life,

If you think about it,

Everything is music!

Everything has love in it!

Even the evil people love!

You just cant

live with out it!

Poetry by Mitzi
Read 585 times
Written on 2007-08-24 at 22:19

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Amanda K
a good text but lacks connetion in some parts.

all the best,