Written with my mother when I was very little, hopefully this will become a children's book in years to come.

The Slinky Salamander Story

One slinky salamander, black with stripes of blue;
An orange one with speckles came,
and then there were Two.

Two slinky salamanders underneath a tree;
Along cam another one,
Then there were three.

Three stripey salamanders hiding by my door;
If you peek under the door mat,
Maybe you'll find four.

Four small salamanders trying to stay alive;
Burrowing with their mother,
Now there are five.

Five slithery salamanders catching bugs with “flicks”;
Another sticks his tongue out,
That “Bug-fest” now has six.

Six sleepy salamanders dreaming of “Bug Heaven”;
Another fell asleep,
Then there were seven.

Seven slippery salamanders sliding under some slate;
Another comes along,
Then there are eight.

Eight speckled salamanders wrigging in a line;
Another comes along,
And then there were nine.

Nine speckled salamanders prepare for autumn's end;
Joined in sleep with another,
Altogether ten.

Ten tiny salamanders will sleep 'til winter's end;
To waken with the springtime,
And frolic once again.

Poetry by Inchworm
Read 669 times
Written on 2007-09-09 at 20:06

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Delightfully charming! I really enjoyed reading this!

Zoya Zaidi
This is a real ' Children's poetry' !
It would make a nice poenm to teach children to count!
Welcome to the bay dear Inchworm!
Love, Zpya

Joe Fern
Sometimes i wish i could write as cute things as you do. i dont care if it was written forever ago. the fact remains..

exellent job