The second in my series of poems. Views on my favourite creatures of the night.

Fantasy Part Two: A Ruby Shower

A ruby shower
I feel your power
As you draw from my life
Ending my strife

You lead me through the night
Making darkness right
The place where I belong
I listen to its song

A ruby drop
But I donít want you to stop
Draw out my life
Take me to the top

Take me to your fortress
Make me your mistress
Let me share your life in death
Your every breath

For all eternity
You shall have me
We shall be forever
Taking lives together

Living from their ruby life
Ending all their strife
Showing them the ruby shower
Making them feel your power

We have forever
To love and be together
I shall be your queen
As I have always been

Our love is undying
The love and death we bring
We feed on the ruby stream
In ruby darkness
We live a dream

In darkness lies
What mortals despise
It is their death
From which we draw breath

Poetry by Christabel
Read 588 times
Written on 2005-12-13 at 20:47

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