It isn't even my problem. But I still contain humanity.


Why does this keep reoccurring?
Loving those juxtaposed.
Is it always mind over matter?
Or does nothing really matter at all.

Oh yes, you can always choose,
Always to be pitied.
And sure, their feelings will get dull.
Youíll just have to become more miserable.

But I donít really care,
Yeah sure Iím lonely.
But when a pebble is taken from the top,
The castle below wonít fall.

The balloon wonít float away,
Because your hand still grasps it.
Now donít go.
Just donít let it go.

Poetry by Tori
Read 482 times
Written on 2008-02-24 at 01:59

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Aisha Razem
Very attracting Picture, standing determined, thatís the insight strength my dear!!