A text I wrote when I felt a bit down... It's not really a poem, but it's more like a poem than the other categories.

Feedback is appreciated


Sometimes I wish
The world would pass me by
Leave me stuck in memories

I sit alone
Watching a show I used to love
Remembering the good times
The fearless times
The times without worries

Thereís so much I should have done
When I still enjoyed it
So much I should have seen
When I still was amazed by it
Now the world is spinning
And it feels like Iíve seen it all
Thatís why I bury myself in memories
Just to remember the happy times

I look at old photographs, and it makes me sad
Itís like getting a peek into a world I have forgotten
Thatís no longer available

When I was a kid
I used to long to grow up
I used to wish I was older

But now that Iím older
I see
That the world I left behind
Was the perfect place to be

Itís too late now
I canít go back
So my advice to you is to enjoy life
As long as it lasts
And not to wish for the green grass on the other side
Because by the time you get there, the grass will be burnt

Poetry by chicah
Read 469 times
Written on 2006-01-11 at 16:50

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Hi ! I think it is good ... actually I know it is very good ! ... First time I've read your stuff .... and as such look forward to more ! ..... Cheers ! ....... Glen ( GB )

Zoya Zaidi
An excellent piece!!!
"The grass is always greener
on the other side"
But if you stop to enjoy what you have,
It is after all not so bad,
So be thankful what you have,
And crave not, for that what is not,
Because in wanting better,
You lose the sight of the second best,
And are left with nothing, niether best,
Nor second best, empty handed, you are left...
Just a thought!
xx, Zoya