All That Is Real

Iíve had some time to heal,
Though nothing has changed the way I feel.
All this love and hate and rage,
It all feels like a cageÖ

I donít wanna be alone again,
But Iím too scared to let anyone inÖ
Iím still trying to let you go,
So if you still care, please donít ever let me knowÖ

I wish I didnít care,
So I could destroy whatís still thereÖ
I wish you hadnít run away,
Or at least I wish that I didnít have to stayÖ

These cuts are all I feel,
It is all that is realÖ
There is no help for me,
And dead is the only thing left for me to beÖ

Poetry by Raven Nero Michaels
Read 537 times
Written on 2008-10-14 at 08:54

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