Threshold apprehension

It's like a battlefield here, inside
It was created for you
Give me the words
and I'll say them like I mean it
Whatever you want to hear
I'll say it loud and clear

I know you've got time
but what are you waiting for?
I need a guarantee
Please don't disagree

Lie with me, I could lie with you
we could do the things that lovers do
share late night kisses
make heart shaped bruises
no more excuses

Poetry by Natalie
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Written on 2008-10-19 at 20:15

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Beautiful, as always, with an incredible flow and rythm! :)


Stan Cooper
Natalie....beautiful poem...I particularly liked the
imaginative line, "make heart shaped bruises"

xxx Stan

Rob Graber
I really like how this handles rhyme and rhythm--a lovely little love poem. One technicality: Because "lay" is not reflexive, line 11, in prestige dialect, would read "Lie with me, I could lie with you" or "Lay you [or 'yourself'] down with me, I could lay me [or 'myself']." But your use of "lay" does sound quite natural because the usage is widespread; you may well prefer it after all!

heart shaped bruises <3

i love the last few lines. it feels like a song.