A poem that reminisces on depression of a once-happy person

You've Lost the Light in Your Eyes

You've lost the light in your eyes
It used to shine so, so bright
But now you're cold and your eyes are dull
I miss your quirky grin

You used to light up with passion
But now your fire's gone out
It's sad that they had to dim a life
That had such great potential

Why must they project their own doubts
Onto an innocent, hopeful dreamer?
They needed to dispose of their rage
And you just happened to be there

No more Wonderland for you
The Queen had to bring you down with her
It's easy to distort someone's image
To turn the attention away from the real problem.

I don't recognize you
You are not the same girl
Unfortunate, dreamy child
You've lost the light in your eyes

Poetry by E. B. Davis
Read 457 times
Written on 2009-01-09 at 01:16

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