I loved him from the time I was 12. His death made me so very sad.

Good Bye Paul

I look at his eyes and can't take mine from his
the blue is a blue seen nowhere else
I look at his nose and it is sculpted perfect
I look at his mouth and lick my own lips
his are full and curled
I look at his jawline chiseled and strong
and squared just right with his chin.
the curl of his hair
the defined muscles of his body
from the top of his head
to the bottom of his feet
I look and sigh
over and over
picture after picture
from his youth
through his 80 s
a beautiful specimen
I am so sorry you had to leave
you got me through some rough times
times when the real world was bad
and I lived in it very little
instead, I lived in the world
you created
on the screen
and I was happy there
until the day I met
in another
he even had your name
and your blue eyes
and your square jaw
and full lips
and muscular body
God is so good
he understood
I got the best
and you went on
living your life far away
but I never abandoned you
I stayed true
every movie you made
I saw
I didn't miss a one
I saw some so many times
I could say the dialogue
And then came the day
I knew it would
I got many calls
from family and friends
who knew how much
I loved you
my heart ached so
but I had to let you go
it was time, you were tired
so I said good-bye
Hombre, good-bye Hud
good-bye Butch
good-bye Cool Hand Luke
good-bye, Paul Newman

Poetry by Phyllis J. Rhodes
Read 354 times
Written on 2009-01-29 at 06:35

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Dee Daffodil
What a lovely tribute for him ! Nice !

Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
this gave me chills. he was perfection in many ways. And, how blessed you were to find your Paul who has so many of his physical attributes. Besides all that your Paul fits you so perfectly. Will you clone him and just add a few inches in height for this tall sister. : ) love, me
ps, I'll take him short or tall. he he he

Mark J. Wood
Hi Phyllis,

my mum was the same about John Wayne she always referred to him as her sweetheart so, when he came England sometime in the 60s, I (aged young) asked her when he was going to visit her. Your poem brought back all of the magic and special reality that such stars brought. They could touch without touching in a way far beyond any person stood next to you could.

This has a gentle passion about it that combines sadness at the loss with gladness for the knowing.