This happened a few nights ago

A Mother's Day Story

Busy the day
busy the night
but I needed to
remember flowers

The next day
was Mother's Day
and the weatherman
predicted showers

Get flowers and a card
before the rain
while there's a
large supply
Then tomorrow
after church
I'll have time
to drop them by

The deed done
I'm on my way
to church and
Mom's after

In my mind
I hear her voice
in song and
in laughter

Wish I didn't
have to rush
but there's so
much to do

My kids want
to honor me
on this
Mother's Day too

But what about
my Mother?
she deserves
so very much

Will a quick hello
a card and flowers
convey to her

I ponder
as I drive
past a
cemetary gate

My eyes open wide
and I know
I am
too late

For it is there
where my
dear mother
now lay

In my sleep
I had forgotten
her burial

in full
brimming tears
pounding heart

I recalled
Mom's last days
and of them,
my part

With joy
I recalled
intimate times
serving her

From her head
to her feet
day and night
a busy blur

Her sweetness
through pain
and strife

No matter
the challenges
her life

And the day
we all said
our final

She let us
all know
she was leaving
with her blue eys

Closed for hours
they suddenly
opened wide
and looked afar

No doubt what
she saw there;
The Bright
And Morning Star

With her children
singing hyms
she left this world
for another

Where Jesus
took her hand
and gave it to
her mother.

Poetry by Phyllis J. Rhodes
Read 300 times
Written on 2009-05-09 at 06:53

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Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
This is precious; almost as precious as our mother. I am full of tears and longing for her and you have written so tenderly of who she was. We are truly blessed to have had such a wonderful mother and father. I sometimes feel lost without them. Oh, how I would love to feel momma's hands caressing my hair while I lay my head in her lap. I wish I could be a child again and experience her all over again. You have made her smile with your beautiful words.