this is from my heart and it's true

Lonely Heart

i'm a lone with a lonely lonely heart
it saddens me that all this time that has gone bye
i'm still alive but my spirit is slowly dieing
my dreams and hopes are slowly fadeing away
what have I done to have been left out of loves plans
it's no fun being alone at my age
no one to share with
no one too go out with for dinner and movie

So what's a matter with me
i'm kind, loving,careing man
i treat my friends with respect
when they need a hand i willinly give

will love ever come my way
or will i grow to become a harden old man.
unhappy and lost in misary forever.

Poetry by Spirit Bear
Read 338 times
Written on 2009-07-20 at 00:34

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Wangdi Gyalpo
Just read between the lines:

Though it's reality that past has now lost its lustre
but am I wrong to believe that glitter will come in future.

From me... he hehe..

A great poet said,

If Winter Is Near, Can Spring Be Far Behind.

Enjoy the moment of loneliness as well...
May your loneliness help you to discover more poems. Amen!