We all deal with emotions, sometimes to our detriment. But they have a purpose. The sooner we learn that, the better our lives will be.

Like A Quaking Sea

Like a quaking sea, with walls of angry waves
emotions enduced by fear, churn with desperate rage.
Fear begets anger and anger must be expressed
whether in action, or thoughts unconfessed

"Be angry but do not sin" Our Holy Lord has said
emotions are human nature but not by what, we should be led
But let them spark our wills to work for better days
and quell fear that fills our minds, with its distorted haze

Like the unleashed wind, who gives voice to a roaring sea,
emotions raw in form, can overwhelm a reasoned plea
Reactions will not consider the merit of the case
but reflect its presentation, and emotions on its face

The key that unlocks reason, to govern anger's deeds
is made in maturity's season, when a broken heart bleeds
Healed, a heart beats stronger and understands life's woes
and makes anger motivation, to accomplish worthy goals

Suffering comes with life and life is for living
with vigor and anticipation of all it will be giving
Be it pleasure or be it pain, be it joy or be it fear
take it all, process its impact and will yourself to cheer

Tame those emotions as Christ tamed the waves
and made himself a walkway upon their would be graves
Use them to motivate, encourage and persuade
Refuse to be their victim, but their master to be obeyed

Poetry by Phyllis J. Rhodes
Read 376 times
Written on 2009-08-13 at 00:00

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Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
Outstanding poetry filled with so much truth and wisdom. I pray that I can accomplish the task and somehow throw off the rising anger that destroys me and allow God to direct me through the storms of life. I am but a ship upon a stormy sea...