Sister Kathy Lockhart's brilliant "Chocolate Fingers" had a powerful affect on me. She has gotten us both in trouble I fear. Anyway, if I get in trouble I'm telling on her!

Kathy Made Me Do It or Lust and Johnny Depp

To my sister I must run
and tell her what she has done

With words of lust and a photo of him
she made the real world grow dim

And as I felt the power of her prose
I remembered him once with a rose

How he played with the petals so sensually
and caused my heart to beat rapidly

I looked at the photograph, from one of many movie clips
with a chocolate truffle just inside his temptuous lips

And I thought as I read the wickedly, delicious rhymes
That I would add this to those lines:

Before his chocolate was completely devoured
by pure lust so empowered

I'd put my lips on his, so decadent
and enjoy the chocolate wherever it went

Poetry by Phyllis J. Rhodes
Read 438 times
Written on 2009-10-04 at 00:50

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melanie sue
LOL...funny in the cutest way. I must confess, I have been on a diet but last night broke down and ate eight chocolate chip cookies before I regained my self control!

As Stan says Deppoholic! I am a chocoholic and a Deppoholic, the two go together oh so well, don't you think? I'm stuck on the second to last stanza!

Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
he he he he he....I love gettin' you all flustered. Yeah, I know 'I'm a baaaaaaaad girl.' But why hide what's inside when I can write it out with no doubt that it'll never come true for me nor you. : D

now you added some good lustful stuff yourself without me putting one word in your head.

Johnny made us both do it.
Oh gosh I wish I had a warm manly body I could attach myself to. I am jealous you have a husband...I have a cat! meow

Stan Cooper
Phyliss...both you and Kathy have made me so
envious of chocolate covered Johnny...

I'm an admitted chocoholic, but I think you two
are Depp-oholics

enjoyed both your poems...with a little envy, of course

xxx Stan

Kathy made u do it!!haha you two are a hootville..hmm or craZedville!!lol I never really thought of him as a hotty,but then again he is male,,,lol! kind of joining the other team lol! but chocolate and a few glasses of wine and Johnny Depp..would eat the chocolate and send him on his way lol!!

funny you!!

love cyndi