When I in darkness walk II

When I in darkness walk,
When huge black clouds hover over my head,
And ill-fortunesí tentacles render me ineffective,
When rough winds threaten to sink my yacht,
When the light in my life flickers,
And planetary forces and energies tear me apart,
When melancholy sets in and I cannot breathe,
Nor see, nor think clearly,
When I in darkness walk,
I seek solace in my cathartic nature,
And thank the Lord I am loved.

Poetry by Advice
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Written on 2009-10-28 at 19:02

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Love will never let you walk alone.

Great write, as are all I have read here thus far!lol You must have slipped through the net! Caught up with you now though, and it has been a sheer pleasure to read you.

Welcome to poetbay, where poets like each other and offer gentle critique and support....we poets and writers can sometimes feel terribly weak. Here is our haven.

Smiling at you