To all Veterans. Thank you.

Why They Fight

Warriors young and old
skin light, dark or gold
in sky on land or sea
sir or madam be
have at their very core
a desperate hate for war.
But more powerful than that hate
is a need so innate
that it will proudly lead them
to go to war for freedom.

Poetry by Phyllis J. Rhodes
Read 433 times
Written on 2009-11-11 at 21:56

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ngaio Beck
There is not a word,or syllable I could,(or would) add to this piece.

John Lambremont, Sr.
It is rare that a message so profound is ffound in a verse so lovely.
Outstanding and bookmarked.

An Excellent Write!

thank you, it always unravels thoughts unanswered. It's sad to lose a love one. We remember those who bravely fought our country.

War? such a poor excuse for freedom I think.To fight and kill for what? murder of the innocent.If women were Presidents,we wouldnt have War! that is a fact!! Wars would be bake offs,And our wars would be Pie fights.Now that is a good war to win.
And yes it is Rememberance day!! and it is a day for the Good in wars..When it ended!! and to remember the fallin men and women who gave their all to stand for what is right,and that is freedom!!But...War never gains,it just adds to the millions who died!! But we remember who fought for our lands and I hope I can live to see the world be Warless!! and have one big Bake sale!! and engage in many colors of the world in flavor!!

sorry I started to rambo but!! its what I do best
love u and miss you