Based on a true event

Maddie and the commercial

"Guess what's going to happen!"
My daughter-in-law exclaimed.
"Your grandchildren and I
are getting a chance at fame!"
A friend of the family
who owns a car dealership
wanted them in a commercial,
a TV video clip!
I could just imagine
how great it all would be
Mac 4 and Maddie 2
so charming on TV.
Mac is quite a ham
his dimples he would show
and Maddie, well with her
you just never know.
She feels the way she feels
you cannot manipulate
her mind or her heart
with efforts to placate.
But her mother Leslie's great
at handling Madeline
and brother Mac will help.
It's going to be such fun!
They had picked a young man
to play the father's role.
He was 10 years Les's junior
and she felt so old.
They should have asked Josh
the actual husband and dad.
He certainly is handsome enough
to be in the ad.
But for whatever reason
they picked the young pro
and the morning of the shoot
Leslie got all dressed to go.
The three of them sparkled
They were perfection to a T
ready for their first job
on commercial TV.
Preparations were made
the set was ready
lights were lit
nerves were steady.
Action was called
action was taken
it was all going well
until Maddie's will awakened.
She watched all the directions
and Mommy and Mac move around.
They put her here and there
They fooled around with sound.
She was growing suspicious
things just didn't seem right
a strange man stood by Mommy
and smiled at her under the light.
They told Maddie to smile
They told her how to stand
They kept fixing her hair
The strange man held her hand.
Maddie was getting concerned
even a bit riled
she tried to be compliant
but she was a strong willed child.
Soon two hours had passed
and Maddie's patience had neared the end
when she saw something happening
that put her around the bend.
She realized her car seat
had been removed and was getting
put into a new car
where they all would soon be sitting
This should not be happening
There was something very wrong
Who were these people anyway?
Why didn't Daddy come along?
Her car seat in a strange car
And who is this strange guy?
Are Mommy and Mac okay?
It way past time to cry!
Mac was acting silly
Mommy had lost her mind
Someone had to take charge
And Maddie was that kind
"This is not my car!
and this is not my Daddy!
I will not be directed!
for I am Maddie!"
Her face raged red
She threw her body to the ground
She kicked and flailed
and made a hellacious sound
Enough is enough!
she would take no more
These strange things must stop
or she'd unleash a wailing war!
Having much experience
with tantrums birthed of rage
Leslie noted quietly,
"Since we don't have a cage
we'll all have to step back
and give her space to rant
because no matter how you try
a person simply can't
interrupt Miss Maddie
when she gets like this.
Something has upset her
and we must accomodate the Miss
Yes she's a diva
I am fully aware
But if you want this job done
you cannot show you care."
So they walked away
leaving Maddie on the floor
kicking and wailing
nearly too much to ignore.
But everyone stayed strong
and followed Leslie's lead
No matter what she did
scream, or kick or plead.
Maddie couldn't break them
Mommy held tough
finally in exhaustion
Maddie decided it was enough.
She turned off her protest
and turned on her charm
she got up and smiled
and grabbed Leslie's arm.
Eyes red and splotchy
cheeks streaked with tears
curls damp with sweat
she completely shifted gears.
She smiled up at Leslie
and in a voice so sweet
said, "Mom when are you going to put me
into my car seat?"

Poetry by Phyllis J. Rhodes
Read 344 times
Written on 2009-11-20 at 03:33

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Oh dear, I could so well imagine the scene :) Really like the passages when you bring us into Maddie's thought process about the whole situation. I think we tend to forget how little ones will perceive some of the things we adults will do sometimes. This is what your text made me think about. Aside reminding me of my own son's "terrible twos" tantrums at one time - thank goodness they outgrow those lol :)

Kids like women, you can't live with them and you can't live without them. I love this Phyllis. Mayby they will be stars when they grow up.