A poem on longing and love, written in the style of the ghazal.

A Ghazal of Longing for the East Flower

A Cosmos split and made me an orb of light, its Divine made you
A red eastern rose. Time has set an atmosphere between us.

Across eons I shed my `questered light, you the sequence of its story
Of love poured, too freely. And still the wine tongued revere us.

Solemn stars weep silver on the sea, I know how all breath is One, how
Novelty is a season soon passed. And fixed here, I hear the owls assail us

This lay once lipped flame on your skin, this verse was a patch of pain;
Your stalk slumped in its warmth of hues. Only memory remains of us.

For sin alone the dice yet spins - I long my rays were fingers fit to feel again
Here in the Sahara of solitude where April's dreams have not sated us!

All of space is spread between us, upon its bareness lies this `borted tale
Of I, Ali; of you, red eastern rose; and nostalgia, the third between us.

Poetry by Rishad ibn Ali al-Sudani
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Written on 2009-11-24 at 22:48

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