On this Thanksgiving Day, I am reminded of all the miracles I am part of every day of my life.

Daily Gifts

I've seen the ocean
more than once
this year
I've lived quite well
I've taken care of children sweet
and funny
who show and tell
I've had the pleasure
of many acquaintance
who think kindly of me
And enjoyed the love of a motley
crew called family
I've heard the thunder roll
and lightening crack
I've heard the rain and
wind talk back
I smelled the freshly
washed earth
and the air
where honeysuckles
I've heard concerts in the park
I've seen lightening bugs
in the dark
I've seen snow fall cover flowers
that had sprung up in
April showers
And the wonder
of a rainbow
And ice storms freeze
a river's flow
I've eaten crab cakes
by the river
chocolate cake
by chunk
and sliver
I drink ice tea
on sweaty days
and hot tea
when snow delays
and kids going to school
I always thought
those days were cool
I've had adventures
big and small
I've triumphed and tripped
and walked tall
In every thing
I've done
In every thing
I've seen
From January to December
and each day
in between
I've experienced
No one
I have known
Has led me
to believe
I'm in all
this alone
I've seen the
hand of God
in so many
places and things
and I must cry out
in gratitude
As my soul
loudly sings
I thank you
O Lord
for the gift
of your grace
With it I am able
to rest
in your embrace
And through your eyes
I can clearly see
the gifts in each day
you want to give to me

Poetry by Phyllis J. Rhodes
Read 389 times
Written on 2009-11-26 at 08:13

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Sam lockhart
Great words, Great message and GREAT sister.

This is wonderful. I like the ending especially because I am reminded that through ritual we are able to see that every day can be a day of thanksgiving.

Thank You.