alesson in driving

I Twenty-Nine Lymerick

A lady with God on her mind
was driving on I twenty-nine
she sang and praised
with arms upraised
getting the Holy Ghost fined

The lady on I twenty-nine
was very often inclined
to drive and sing
like a bird in Spring
whose warble was more like a whine

While driving, arms raised and whining
the lady took up dining
from her lap she sipped
from her legs she dipped
and her bosoms steered supining

Thus traveling, the lady's cell rang
it rang to the tune that she sang
she said hello
by using one toe
and added the phone to her gang

It must have been God on the line
that day on I twenty-nine
for the car took flight
exploded in the light
leaving ashes and Arby's behind

When on I twenty-nine take note
there's a sign that has this quote:
"Pray to the end
be born again
then drive with some sense" she wrote.

Poetry by Phyllis J. Rhodes
Read 388 times
Written on 2010-04-27 at 05:59

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I wonder how many people on I-29 are driving empty semis for the purpose of survival?
:-) Nick