Ramona Thompson For President

Right woman for the job
All others pale in comparison
More then her you could not ever hope to ask for
Only one to vote for in 2008
Never back down from a fight
Always on your side you will find her ready to stand tall for you
Through thick and thin she will be there to care
Honest and able
On her you can count 100 percent of the time
Moving mountains and rivers to make you happy and safe
Perfect for the White House in 08
She will never fail to please the citzens of the good ole U.S of A.
One thing you should know is this
No one else even comes close to being able to do what Ramona can for you in 2008

Remember this name when you go to vote in 08
A perfect solution for all of America's problems
Make your vote count in 08 by checking that box by her name
Only she can make all your dreams of sweet freedom come true
All we ask is you give this notion some heavy and serious thought
Tough talking she witch
Hope she gives to all she meets
Only choice to make in 08 is her
More then any other she will be there for you in good times and in bad
President Bush even says she's great and has his vote
Such a perfect woman for the job you will never find anywhere else
Opposing her will do the rest of who decide to run in 08 no good
Nothing and no one will she let stand in the way of her victory

Rocking the world to its core with her break-thru ideas for change
All stand in awe as every American's wish and dream comes true thanks to her
Money and power in her hands put to only one use
Offering a new and better future for each and everyone of her fellow Americans
Never will she say never to what you all want to say
A open ear and a open heart she will give
Taking the time everytime to listen to your concerns
How could you not vote for a great American like this?
Oval Office will never be the same again if she has her way in 08
Matched by no other in history
Pure of heart and soul
Solid upstanding citzen for the people
Open your minds to a whole new way of thinking and you will find all your lifes made 100 percent better then before
Never has this one choice meant so very much

Running in 2008
Asking for your vote please tonight
Making this world a much better place for you and yours to be is her guarantee
Only if you vote for her however can all these many changes take place
Never will let you down if you make her your first choice in 08
All you have to do is say yes to this the first woman in the White House
Taking names and kicking the butts of all of America's enemies
Hell hath no fury like this
On and on marching her people to victory
Monster fury ready to take down any who dare to try and cross these peaceful waters
Prepared always to do battle and defend
Surely there can be none better suited to the job then her
On call 24/7 to help her people in the most dire and cruel of times
Never again will any of you have to be poor or go hungry

That is her promise made if America votes......

Ramona Thompson in 2008!

For more info and link to website write to ktmcphrsn@aol.com


2006 RAMONA THOMPSON (All rights reserved)

Poetry by ramona thompson
Read 489 times
Written on 2006-03-07 at 01:53

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