just words

it is You

I fit the groove
Move through the streets.
All slick my slide,
Serpent like.
While slack eyed
Suck smog
‘Tween their teeth.

Sky blue, blazoned
Display, defers my
Thinking, refers my mind
To thoughts of beauty.

Pull back,
Detract myself
To alleys that smell,
Hot like hell

And my heart misses
A beating while
Thoughts (fleeting)
Wedge themselves
Between love and hate.

It is you I am missing.

But the day is fine
And mine and I kick
Rocks towards cars.
Back on busy streets
My feet a sad fleet
Of broken boats.

Poetry by halfjack
Read 479 times
Written on 2011-05-21 at 03:00

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Reminds me of L.A. for some reason. Like it.

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