by natural selection i am a dreamer. my dreams are very big and full of deep achievements. i'd love to accomplish them all before i die but i dont know if i will. guess i just have to wait and see


i want to live life

outside the box

i want to feel the wind

mess up my hair

touch the grains of

time as they slip

through my fingers

kiss my love

while walking in

the moon light

i want to have

everything i'll

ever need fit in

the tiniest box so i can

carry them with me

every where because

its pointless to go


i want to watch

my children grow

up, with innocence

till they wed and have a

family of their own

i want the best

of the best

but i dont want to

break my neck

or sell my soul

to get them.

i want to see nature

at its prettiest,

i want to visit

every part of the world

our god has created.

i want to experience


before i die.

i want to be that

old lady in the rocker

on my front porch that

has a little information

on everything.

i want to be wise when

im old but

not a moment

before, because until

im old i want to learn

everything i can.

i want to be a sponge

in this grand life i'm


i want to LIVE.

Poetry by montana
Read 731 times
Written on 2011-06-05 at 19:34

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You already have a wisdom beyond your years . . . your wishes reveal the things that are really important, that take a lifetime of aspiring to, that in the fullness of time and experience may not all be realized but are part of who we have become simply in our seeking them.

Knowing what you want is half the battle.

This is a happy poem and I wish you every luck in fulfilling your dreams.