This Is An Event Happened on 11 July, 2010. It was still Unpublished & a Little Incomplete too, But Now Fully Completed & Published Firstly Here On Poetbay (19 march. 2012)


An evening of Summer, serves,
As a heaven for poors and miserables,
Being Sucked by the holy Sun,
Working throughout the long day,
But Today Evening itself seems miserable,
Tied by the heavy chain of wind,
Where eve tries to show its beauty,
But horror makes it disable.

Opening silently, shuts violently,
The weaken wood of my room,
Looking through these vaulted woods,
A devil's vision like doom.

An aged, but majestic, a plane tree !
Behold that Kingwood is now free,
Amid the graveyard, full of wrath,
Must fed up by the people laying around, by death,
Spreading its arms over hundreds of feets,
Sure, thy veins are filled by blood treats.

O Wind, do mercy do mercy !
Thy beloved tree had slept early,
Thy impulses struggles with whole,
Awaken by thee, the devil soul,
Wondering and sounding at skies,
More above going people's Cries.

Here some drops begin to fall,
People now seems to grow tall,
The devil soul seems to turn into faint,
God might heard the poor cries against giant.

Lest the day may come again,
The devil soul may rise again,
Let we serve something as
God may reduce evil and pain.

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Written on 2012-03-19 at 08:45

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I love your play on words great piece