Cocksackie B is not a nice virus to have in your neighborhood. But being out of the office for 6 months allowed me to pick up my writing again after an extended hiatus.

Mr Coxsackie, B

Mr Coxsackie is here today
Mr Coxsackie brings wheezing and rain
from muddy skies
those ceaseless staircases and uphill battles

Mr Coxsackie is hunger
He feeds his children
on pleura and thorax

The pain of a linebacker
pushing the oncoming team
below your shoulder blades

Skip and smile at Mr Coxsackie
bring flowers for his birthday
He brought you a gift
of time
such as it is
paid for in a.m nights
ambling through the house
looking for relief
shivering for a sip
of oxygen with a lemon twist
and gaudy paper umbrella

Handed over the quill
and paper
while he was feeding

Poetry by Katarina Wikholm
Read 168 times
Written on 2012-03-25 at 21:28

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