Once upon a time
The beauty of the night was sublime
Whole of the atmosphere was covered with fog
There was complete silence except for the occasional barking of the dog

Suddenly it started raining heavily and the weather became freezing cold
On the deserted street stood a house which was way too old
No one went there as it was a haunted house
It was believed that at midnight the ghosts dwelling there used to rouse

One unlucky man who had lost his way
Landed on the street where this haunted house lay
Raining as it was heavily his clothes were all wet
He headed towards that house unaware of the deadly threat

On its old wooden door he started the knock
The door opened by itself to his shock
With spiders and cobwebs the house was full of dust
He could see broken tables, ripped curtains and lamps covered with rust

There were holes in the walls and gaps on the floor
He went further into the house to explore
Flickering lights and message appearing and disappearing on walls he could see
Dark shadows and objects moving by themselves made him want to flee

Creaky movement coming from the ceiling above, whispers and screams he could hear
The faint smell of death made him realize that his death was coming near
His heartbeat increased and his body temperature began to drop
But the feeling of fear and fright was something he was unable to stop

He felt as if on his shoulder someone had put its hand
What was going on around him was something he was unable to understand
Suddenly someone grabbed the hold of his neck
He struggled to free himself but his life had begun to wreck

Tears dropping from his eyes, his throat became sore from crying
With his breath falling short he knew that he was dying
I cannot tell what an excruciating death the poor man died
This was the price he had to pay for going inside

Poetry by Rishi Khetan
Read 422 times
Written on 2012-05-19 at 19:47

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