Kurt the Viking

Kurt didnít want to play video games
Nor watch T.V.
He didnít want to play tag
Nor even climb trees

Kurt wasnít like other
Seven year old boys
He didnít like cars, trucks
robots nor toys

Instead heíd mark maps
of places to raid
And sail down stream
In the Viking ship he made

Kurt docked by the playground
With the swings and the slide
To recruit other kids to
Come along for the ride

They brought bike helmets
And plastic swords to fight
They sailed to Kurtís house
As Vikings with might

The Vikings filled water balloons
They snuck up stairs
Quietly, they opened the door
Of the big sisterís lair

The sister and her friends
Were putting on make-up inside
Kurt and the Vikings burst in...

The room was a disaster
The soaked girls cried
The Viking kids ran home
But Kurt had nowhere to hide

The upset mother sent
Kurt to his room
Where he waited and thought
In sadness and gloom

He got the idea to be a Viking
That explores instead of hurts
The next day he sailed out
As the good Viking, Kurt

Poetry by Rannalta Gratland
Read 333 times
Written on 2013-01-07 at 04:05

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ngaio Beck
The little devil.We need millions more like him.Sail out attack and plunder. Great people.
Well done!