Hell's boiling water makes my tea
A million stories my sorrow flies

Trips to the bottom a laughing matter
This grounded hero rock and shatter

Needles in my back, self curing facts
Love like a knife, hate a fireman's ax

Come death or sorrow
Bullets or the mighty pen
Come death or sorrow

Death never dies
Sorrow soon smiles
Death casting shadows
Sorrow turned upside down

Bow and arrows tempt Zen
Feelings capture my butterfly
Come death or sorrow

The cold day in hell has arrived
Now they bury you two feet under

Speeding foot traffic running red lights
Reading of the will mourners start a fight

Hooks tie threaded facts to your bed
Grey in the matter that feeds the head

Come death or sorrow
Either one a deadly deed
Come death or sorrow
One or both lives tomorrow

Copyright, Nina Lee 2014
All rights reserved by author 2014

Poetry by Nina Lee
Read 569 times
Written on 2014-07-29 at 19:56

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