what to do with stuff

Clutter Creep

Clutter flits about
in my little house
It moves from here to there
and doesn't really care
I find it building piles
atop a drawer for files
It loves outwitting drawers
preferring space on floors

If I pile it neatly
it gets a little freaky
and sometimes moves itself
back behind a shelf
to hide in an abyss
an eye can easily miss

Clutter is a magnet
for an ordered mind gone stagnate
It uses self perpetuation
to deconstruct a situation
that might result in order
and the salvation of a hoarder

A drug of confusion
clutter gives the illusion
that though some are afflicted
no one can be addicted
It is stealthy it is wise
It confuses the eyes
so they see it no longer
or that its getting stronger

I must stop this clutter creep
before it's ankle deep
So I'll get down on my knees
and ask it,"pretty please"
use the windows use the door
I must make room for more!

Poetry by Phyllis J. Rhodes
Read 448 times
Written on 2015-01-19 at 23:57

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