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My real name is Antoniya,but for my poetry I use my short name Ann. I am new in poetry. Have few poems and want to shares with you. You now can see and my first book.

antoniya katelieva-wood

43 years old from

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I miss you Ashley, I will found you somewhere one day by Ann Wood - 2017-10-30
It is almost three months with out you Ashley by Ann Wood - 2017-10-30
I asked you by Ann Wood (8) - 2017-10-29
Story time by Ann Wood (2) - 2017-10-29
Happy12th Wedding Anniversery to my friends Goodie Padilla and Hypsmen Allidap by Ann Wood - 2017-10-29
Confession of a man in love by Ann Wood - 2017-10-29
Safe journey to my mum to Bulgaria by Ann Wood - 2017-10-29
Safe journey back to UK to my friends Ammar and Tasneem Kapadia by Ann Wood - 2017-10-29
Happy 50th birthday to Barry, my friend Lynn Meazza fiancÚ by Ann Wood - 2017-10-25
Get well to my dears friend DsJenny by Ann Wood - 2017-10-24
Autumn words by Ann Wood - 2017-10-24
Trust me, Fate! by Ann Wood - 2017-10-24
PRAYER: by Ann Wood - 2017-10-24
THE SOUL MY LEAVE! by Ann Wood - 2017-10-24
Autumn by Valeri Petrov translate by Ann Wood (2) - 2017-10-23
Happy birthday to my friend Dimitrinka Devine - 2017-10-23
Congratulation to your baby girl my dear friends Mary Grace Panisales Tortal and Glenn Tortal by Ann Wood - 2017-10-23
Because someday you'll find me by Ann Wood (4) - 2017-10-23
The crazy man by Ann Wood - 2017-10-22
Two friends have chat by Ann Wood - 2017-10-22

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