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My real name is Antoniya,but for my poetry I use my short name Ann. I am new in poetry. Have few poems and want to shares with you. You now can see and my first book.

antoniya katelieva-wood

44 years old from UK

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Soon to be a auntie again to a baby boy by Ann Wood - 2019-08-23
Nice summer day by Ann Wood (3) - 2019-08-22
Safe journey to Canada to my auntie Mattie by Ann Wood - 2019-08-21
Happy Birthday to my best friend and sister in heart KysaSweet by Ann Wood (2) - 2019-08-20
I am by Ann Wood - 2019-08-18
Happy birthday to my goddaughter VENUS by Ann Wood - 2019-08-18
Happy birthday to my little princesses Kelly and Xena by Ann Wood (2) - 2019-08-17
The city where I was born by Ann Wood (2) - 2019-08-15
Happy birthday to my friend Kremena Mincheva by Ann Wood - 2019-08-15
Happy St Marys Day by Ann Wood (2) - 2019-08-15
Goodbye baby boy Mitko by Ann Wood - 2019-08-15
Today, 2 years ago our gorgeous Ashley left us to go in heaven by Ann Wood - 2019-08-14
The new bright star on the sky by Ann Wood (2) - 2019-08-14
Good bye uncle George by Ann Wood - 2019-08-13
The young man who helps to one homless person by Ann Wood - 2019-08-12
Good morning from me and the dog Rafi! by Ann Wood - 2019-08-12
Happy Birthday by Ann Wood - 2019-08-12
In three days time it will be two years of Ashleys tragic car crash by Ann Wood - 2019-08-11
Don't think of me by Ann Wood - 2019-08-08
The story of a forgotten wallet by Ann Wood (2) - 2019-08-08

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