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My real name is Antoniya,but for my poetry I use my short name Ann. I am new in poetry. Have few poems and want to shares with you. You now can see and my first book.

antoniya katelieva-wood

44 years old from

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It is almost two long years without our Ashley by Ann Wood (2) - 2019-07-31
Rainy summer day by Ann Wood (4) - 2019-07-30
Hot summer day by Ann Wood (2) - 2019-07-26
Happy men by Ann Wood (2) - 2019-07-24
Happy heavenly birthday to ours dears friend and mother Gloria by Ann Wood (2) - 2019-07-23
Donation is Life / Mothers for Donorship by unknowing autor traslated by Ann Wood - 2019-07-22
Safe journey back to Canada to my friend Kanwal and hers son Harry by Ann Wood - 2019-07-22
Talking with clouds by Ann Wood (4) - 2019-07-21
Happy birthday to my nephew Tzvetin Kateliev by Ann Wood - 2019-07-18
Happy birthday to my brother Dragomir Kateliev by Ann Wood - 2019-07-18
Meeting the death by Ann Wood (3) - 2019-07-16
Safe journey back to Bulgaria to my mom by Ann Wood - 2019-07-16
The Story of the naked woman by Ann Wood - 2019-07-14
Happy birthday to my auntie Pavlinka Atanasova by Ann Wood - 2019-07-14
Fathers love by Ann Wood - 2019-07-13
Do you know how to love by Ann Wood - 2019-07-13
My soul by Ann Wood (1) - 2019-07-11
Happy anniversary! Happy 60th birthday years my mom Veneta Ivanova by Еlena Ivanova traslated by Ann Wood (2) - 2019-07-11
Day trip to the beach at Bognor Regis UK, with my friends Mattie, Harry and Kanwal Kaur by Ann Wood - 2019-07-11
Welcome back in UK to my friend Kanwal Kaur by Ann Wood - 2019-07-10

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