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A stranger in a strange land. A soul just passing through. A putative "poet" through agency of Happenstance. We'll see where my poetry leads me in the near and distant future--whether I am just a casual fling to her or something more lasting and permanent...and steadfastly eternal?

~Ngoc Nguyen~

Ngoc Nguyen

50 years old from USA

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Sonnet: "Genius" (1) - 2018-05-04
"The Rose" - 2018-05-03
What Mystery Has Poesy - 2018-05-03
Sonnet: “Outcast” (2) - 2018-04-30
"the sea" (3) - 2018-04-30
To have loved and lost (3) - 2018-04-30

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"To have the soul of a poet is to feel with the mind, and to think with the heart."