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1. Drops of Heartaches
2. O Death, Where Is Thy Sting
3. Who Now So Young Lay Dead
4. Sea of Sadness
5. It Only Takes A Drop
6. Red Pearls
7. Etchings of Madness
8. Standing Ovation
9. Drenched In Depletion
10. Inside The Tinderbox
11. The Weight of A Tear
12. I Gave~You Took
13. The Museum of Depression
14. Twelve Deaths of Virtue
15. Fight The Wind
16. Hidden Ashes
17. Tears and Fears (How Am I Challenge)
18. Macabre Mood (or is that Muse?)
19. A Nightmare in the Nursery
20. Lamentations of Loneliness

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A Heart of Tears
by Kathy Lockhart

poetry of broken hearts and minds

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