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1. The brilliant flight of the Laughing Gull
2. Who are we (DNA code)?
3. Firefly
4. No fish for 84 days (A tribute to Hemingway)
5. What are you worth?
6. Ion the Lion
7. Elements of life part 1 (my contribution to Zoya's- Aliena' s element challenge)
8. Elements of life part 2 (my contribution to Zoya's- Aliena' s element challenge)
9. Well this is about party Animals!!!
10. Thunder (HAIKU)!
11. Clarke and Trish
12. Autumn (HAIKU)!
13. Goodbye summer (haiku)
14. Sailors grave
15. Nature lover HAIKU
16. The rat and the cat
17. Sea healing HAIKU
18. The flight of the Avocet
19. Singing in the rain thunder and sunshine
20. There is a jungle out there - end station HEAVEN

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The Nature
by Dan Cederholm

Some whimsy, some deep some big thoughts and some jokes . . . And believe me there is a djungel out there! All the best, Dan

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