The Golden House

The golden house
was all spiffed up
the juniper removed

the walk had been
torn up as well
the grass where flowers grew

is trim; there is
a bench set out
with potted plant beside

as with most any
other's house
we're no longer inside

Poetry by ea
Read 509 times
Written on 2006-07-30 at 20:53

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Dear ea
Welcome to the bay!
This is a wonderful poem evoking the feelings Ive had and still have when passing by a house I used to live in, and now strangers have their scent all over my memories. Lovely write.

Zachary P. B.
That's wonderful. =)

I love the description and narrative. The idea of what is inside the house, us, is more important than the house itself. A home is not a house but a heart...