the series of religious revivals among Protestants in the American colonies that lasted from 1725 - 1770

Great Awakening

The house was large and filled with guests. Every room had at least two sleeping bags on the floor. Hers was upstairs in the loft with the dormered window, the book on the shelves against one wall and the efficiency kitchen built-in to the old closet.

He was in there too and alone, zipped into a blue mummy bag. "Are you proud of those collaborations?" she whispered.

She was naked and didn't care anymore who saw her; she tripped down the staircase heedless of flabbiness and kneeled in the middle of the living room looking at the stone fireplace. He followed and came around in front of her, put his arms around her. They looked at each other a long time, not smiling, not talking; he squeezed her so tightly her shoulders lifted a little and then they were kissing. Lightly, deeply, smushing around, smelling of morning breath, pecking, only kissing. The wavey feeling found her again and she fell back. He spoke, saying to come upstairs.

But there were two women in the efficiency kitchen trying to staunch a leak that appeared to be coming from the stove at first, so he thrust two ketchup bottles at them, telling them to catch the flow, not just stand there! But the overhead pipe began to burst and spray throughout the room and a small child came in, so he hustled her out, afraid the ceiling would collapse.

Short story by ea
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Written on 2006-08-08 at 08:28

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Pamela A Lamppa
I like this side of you.:o)