Seing the pain and misery of this tumultuous day
That shattered so many families and made them pray!!!

september the month of pain

Though God has made us all
It is rarely realised by all
Some feel their God is great and more mighty
Others do not believe and the fight ensues
Traditions and practices are targeted
People in high places give out their comments
Rarely realising the fallouts of the same
The Impacts are far more than anticipated
Very rarely does one realise
Words carry tremendous amount of kindness,anger,hatred,loathe etc
So be very careful with them
I admire the way the people faced the odds on 9/11
The candles lit in the memory of those who found their places in heaven
But left their near and dear ones with swollen tears for times to come
I pray for all the people, so that they rise from their violent thoughts
Should see the GOD in all the creations
And make loving and respecting others as the only religion!!

Poetry by sandy malhotra
Read 234 times
Written on 2006-10-03 at 07:33

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