Meeting my old friend was really very dramatic.Both crossed each other on the highway and were going to give surprise to each other!!!

Old Fire kindled

She is generally waiting for me to call
When I call,she would get enthralled
But,would not let me know her mind
We like to surprise each other
Though we do not express openly
But like to meet each other more
Suddenly she would drop in town
and catch me hands down
Then I think frantically
how to tackle her
Meeting her is a great challenge
She demands a lot of attention
If she does'nt gets that
She creates lot of tension
When we meet
Initially there is silence
Looks are exchanged
No word is spoken
Then hands are held
feelings are swelled
Breathing gets heavy
And boundaries are levelled
Finally the avalanche comes roaring
and later all is Quiet
Oh!! this is what we wanted
We both feel great
and then soon we are parted!!!

Poetry by sandy malhotra
Read 235 times
Written on 2007-04-24 at 19:18

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