Haha yess, another love poem, sorry =) It's a happy one though!

Fallen In Love, and happy.

Words can't express my love for you.

My heart is put back together.

When apart from you I'm lonely, because you're my only.

Always be by my side.

Your smile brightens my day, and shines like a sun ray.

You just comfort me when I cry.

Laughter is your cure for any problem, that's for sure.

A loving smile when I walk into the room.

You care, and are always there.

You Make sure I get home safely.

That's why I love you, and know you feel the same, too.

Poetry by allegra
Read 593 times
Written on 2007-02-05 at 20:08

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hey a little late to read this one , but never late to complement you, this text makes me remember my days of love, when i used to drop her home, i miss her but i dont want you to miss him , i pray you both be together forever and never get a chance to miss each other.

rgrds: they say its me, i wish i was (zee)

2 days ago i could relate to this poem!...but now i cant :( oh well..anyways..this is a great poem!!!! keep up the wonderful poem!