At the beach

Gazing at the clear blue sky,
Bathing in the ocean.
Lying on a bed of silken sand,
The water so clear and warm.
The tide slowly rolls in and out,
The feeling is beautiful against my skin.
My babyís warm body against my back,
Iím enveloped within his arms.
His gentle kisses tickling my neck,
His words whispered to my ear.
The passion radiates between us,
The fire burns in our eyes,
Looking at each other.
His hands caressing my skin,
His kisses melting my soul.
Our bodies feeling so hot,
Yet the water feeling so cool.
Needing to make sweet gentle love,
Wanting to satisfy our wild desires.
The flames in our bodies grow hotter,
And hotter.
We slowly bit by bit,
Seek our pleasure.
Having the risk,
Of being seen by others.
It is quite quiet,
But there is laughter in the background.
Biting my lip to keep quiet,
Builds the sensation inside me.
When our energy is spent,
We relax cuddling.
Listening to the enjoyment of children,
To cries of the birds.
A fantasy,
Waiting to happen.

Poetry by Hazel
Read 553 times
Written on 2007-02-06 at 23:10

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realy nice
i like it