Dedicated to Allison Michelle Edwards


What's this lacuna
I can't pass?
Why do I feel restricted to this place?
Trapped in vertigo,
bittersweet energy.
Mousy and humane,
feeling grimaces.
Take me by the hand,
save me from these swirling rooms.
Lead me to a place where we...
we can be free.
These emotions are so new,
never saw the real you.
Now I never wanna leave,
take me away in your kiss.
She makes me feel,
proud of living.
Nothing better
than someone to hold.
She's the one for me,
leading me by the heart.
Out of this depression,
into her heart.
We're finally accepted
for who we are.
No one cares
that we love each other.

Poetry by Ashlee
Read 501 times
Written on 2007-06-01 at 02:50

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