no pain can exceed love, just like no Sinner can outshine the Redeemer.


You gave me a pretty cup,
To hold and carry the juice
Bled by our time together,
Juice that is paler than your lips.

Time and again when we join as one
Nude mirror laughing in muteness
Nothingness between us wavered like water,
Forming a sheen of moisture over our mirror.

We probe harder and the mirror shatters,
Sprinkle of glass caressing us,
Our blood trickles down our body over the broken mirror
Adoring us in moody wetness.

Then came the splitting, sweet as orgasm,
Me being split in two
I knew not which one's male and which female,
As I come nearer to both me.

Triangle never behaves smooth, does it my dear?
My feminine me laughs as she throws her arms
Around me, I remember Her embrace
As her nails dug in my back, blood welcoming her.

The same blood I remember, as you kissed me
My hands pressed upon your breasts,
Oh yes, I remember the dagger also, cute as an aspic,
Ruby-red even in dark as our blood beckoned it closer.

The writhing fog around us condensed
Our brothers and sisters awakening somberly
The dying embers flicker hungrily over the shattered glass
As dark encroaches to envelop all of us.

Then the torn mirror becomes infinity
Through which my family reaches out,
Their fingers caressing both you and me
Feeling the passion denied to them for so long.

The desire sparkling in ecstatic agony,
Dance tasting insanity as climax approaches,
Blood moans, muscle shifts, skin tearing up,
Slowly our sapling stretches branch anew.

So here we stand, so fair and tall,
Taller than this sapling that is ours
Our limbs entwined,caught in dance forever
Taking our share from the cup you gave me.

Poetry by KissofNemesis
Read 712 times
Written on 2007-10-05 at 13:46

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