some secrets better lay hidden,some questions better lay unanswered...that is if you are too coward to venture.


Wild wind whipped at the face
Though all the outlets are closed
White glared at the One from all sides
A mockery of color in this endless maze.

Near or far matters not
Neither does friend or foe
This is a game One wants to play
Was there a more captivating deity than Medusa?

Leave me alone,the One shouts
Their fangs green in dripping poison
Oh,this dance is sublime under the pale moon
Mute torture rips the body urging him to cry.

Cry? the One smirks, who is he to cry?
Did Lilith cry when she was kicked out
condemned in eternal damnation,glorifying her Sin,
burning at stakes, gentle wind carried her ash away.

Does the One own enough blood to wet her ash
Enough to turn it into soft mud,so very soft
That he can kneel and sink both his hands
Deep enough to heal the wounds left by those jackals?

But then again no wound can be healed fully
Could even Isis succeed in healing her husband?
Yes, she get him revived, One knows she paid for it
A payment borrowed from One's Insanity.

Poetry by KissofNemesis
Read 625 times
Written on 2007-10-05 at 13:50

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