So Crazy [Love poem]



As the last hours of the year
slowly moves away
are you in my thoughts
my beautiful

you who came into my life
late night one day in

my intention were never
to give myself away
I wanted an anonymity

but something

something will your appearance
made me thro myself to

the wolves


and as time went by
you entered
my heart

 It's so difficult to describe
my feelings for you 

paint the picture in clear colours
we don't know each other that well yet
But my felling
I like warm silk

newly ironed


I feel a loss
when you are gone

a longing to meet you
but When you are there I cant look in
your eyes because your eyes are
a place to drown
and in that particularly moment
I cant swim

I wish you where close
more often
I want to hold you close

I'm well aware of that I'm balancing
on a thin line long way behind
twilight zone

where there is no obstacle
no differences

only you and I
are allowed

we live separate life's
in different times

but still
in the same

and I wish
that's where we could stay 

you entered my heart
and now I cant
let you go

and If you were here right now
I would kiss you so tenderly

that you would never
want to leave

Poetry by Marlinda
Read 429 times
Written on 2009-01-02 at 11:25

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Oh Marlinda....I can toatllay relate to this touching, loving poem!