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weeping through the panes

Such an intriguing way of using space to minicafé the tempo of the raindrops. It needs rereading to catch the flow of it!

Biscuits and Gravy

Lovely use of light dialect and intriguing 3-line stanza format. And the story made me smile

wind road

Sameen - exactly. "Despite" and you the reader can fill in the blanks, as drawn from the body of the poem

from the custom official's desk

as for identification, the ghoul (couldn't very well write gremlin or mogwai) is there to remind you that even the softest creatures may be tarnished, transformed to the point of making excuses. (The poem may need some reassbly )

that damascene road

Odin had an eight-legged horse, two ravens and a complicated married life. I'm hinting that we interpret our visions of the divine to fit our circumstances in time and place

A Mackeral Sky

the final stanza is superb and suddenly evokes the title

no blackbird attended

Lol I had never heard of Wallace Stevens, now he's on my tbr pile.
The first two lines of the second stanza need polishing. They contain the sentiment and the correct image but the rhythm is still off. The birds and the gravel echo my related poems and the blackbird is both a strong renowned songbird here, known for mourning in the night. But it's also a nod and a wink to the Beatles

from the classified ads

This piece ties into my poems Rental affection and Two kinds of poverty. Also the thematics of destitution and wrecked lives. Yes it's a bit clever wit but it belongs as a part of the entire cycle

we have visual

For some reason this will likely be the introductory poetry once I get around to publish the collection. The imagery ties into that of Ophtamology

we have visual

For some reason this will likely be the introductory poetry once I get around to publish the collection. The imagery ties into that of Ophtamology

did you walk among the least?

An event during the US presidential election, where a photo-op was staged in a closed soup kitchen after hours was the spark for this poem, but the observation holds for general charity as well.
And I resisted using "motorcade" although it was so tempting.

slow freeze

Wolverine fur has the propensity of staying fluffy even when covered with frost, hence the collar. But wolverines are also related to ferrets, ermines and otters, playful carnivores.
The poem would have worked with wolves in any other season

of camels and carob seeds

Jim - a straw, yes, but diamonds are forever. Which is why I changed the metaphor.

damp cloth suffocation

Aww, shucks!

You know, you actually get it.
My poems aren't really intended to be stand-alone pieces, rather more interconnected in a potential collection or several.
Several poems don't really make sense on their own - they're minute snap-shots, short stories - but they fit together, telling a story in a flashlight on-off still life
Like figments of family life - the good, the bad and the terminally ugly.

This one could be a counter-point to the one about bridges, rainbows and rekindled love.

November, Beginning and Ending With Yeats (Thanks to Katarina for the inspiration)

Flattered pink that my poem inspired yours, and I like Yeats, too, particularly the poem you cited.
You do nature poetry very well, but the last six lines before the Yeats quote are wonderful, with the brittle birdsong and the single goose, fading into a coda on the human condition.

autumn non-prayer

Countryfrog: For me prayer is actually something worded, something formally religious. It goes with the "requesting" of grace.

As contrasted by the simple joy of children and the wordless communion with the living earth, even when stunned by early winter

autumn non-prayer

I'm less than thrilled about the title but decided to let it stand for now. Autumn obeisance or Autumn communion, maybe?

In Broughton Court (for music)

The repeated use of In Broughton Court reminds me of In Flanders Field - is it a conscious echo?