Something I don't usually do. A nod to some famous people through the way it's written and through the words. Yeah, something like that. Can you follow the clues?

The Book of Joe

The lazy, yellow dog lies on the pavement.
He is waiting for the sound.
Of his master's feet on their way home.
Maybe he has got a bone.

There are strange people in the streets.
They sneak from corner to corner.
They forgot to go home last night.
They are keeping out of sight.

Then on the sidewalk comes Mister Heller.
Walking lighter than he used to do
His head is clear and he is feeling fine.
To bad it is 1999.

And when Goethe was on his deathbed.
He forgot what he was all about.
He cried to his servants for more light.
When he stepped into the night.

And Mister Heller he stops at the corner.
And shrugs his shoulders when he sees the dog.
The yellow dog has got a iron will.
And he is lying very still.

Words by holybear
Read 420 times
Written on 2006-08-21 at 13:34

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