You laugh because it's funny, and you laugh because it's true.

The Hamas campaign song

There isn't much out here where Lawrence roamed.
Black gold and corpses of the folks we stoned.

There isn't much to do but read our book.
And praise the martyrs for the lives they took.

Our fathers were a horny bunch it's true.
What they didn't get at home they got from ewe.

Then they went and spread venereal disease.
But don't tell anyone we ask you please.

We don't like strangers and what they see.
So we behead them live on Infidel TV.

They say we're crazy but we know it's true.
We'll make a different world for me and you.

Words by holybear
Read 474 times
Written on 2006-04-06 at 11:54

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Phyllis J. Rhodes
I get it. I understand. The truth be told in every way it can.

..but if i give it a great rateing , will I be stoned?
Fuck it! This is good.

Still true though. At least give me that(!)

It's not funny, unfortunately

Hey I agree with you. The whole thing is so ridiculous that I sometimes have to laugh in disbelief. Like so; hahawhat? are you serious?!

Jon Hanover
The only thing I have to say is the Israel government removed the previous head of this evil organization. His head rolled in the streets. There is nothing funny about Hamas, them sweeping into power in Palastine was horror for the rest of us. When is the next 9/11 or the next Madrid ? As long as groups like this exist no one is safe. Any group that targets killing children and innocents loses their validity. Fuck Hamas I hope they all burn.