I don't know what this is, so for now it's just words.

"Life's what you make it" (talktalk)

It's not so hard, really.

"It's hard to explain"
But not to understand
"No one understands how it is"
Are you the only one who's ever lived?
"Life is so difficult"
Not if you smile
"How can you smile?"
It's hard to explain

Words by holybear
Read 411 times
Written on 2005-09-27 at 15:16

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Changing the last two lines would mess up the flow and the point. But thanks for (seemingly) understanding and the rating. Life IS what you make it, just hang loose.

i'd like to see the last two lines switched, but that's a matter of personal taste... and yes, i am the only one who's ever lived, the rest of you don't exist ;P kidding...

life IS difficult. nice thought....